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Taizhou Yongxin Pioneer Metals Corporation

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Employment Philosophy
"Technology is the root, innovation is the soul, talent is the" business philosophy, always put the talent as a business enterprise development of this, in this competition, the development of the. The group has formed a good business teachers who work, fair competition, respect for knowledge and talent of the atmosphere. Yongxin with excellent talent of its unique talent recruitment strategy, career development space and open environment for the growth, effective incentive mechanism and the concept of corporate culture, make the enterprise become talent agglomeration heights.
One is to create a good platform and development space to talents -- do keep people cause;
Two is to implement the distribution policy of various zones in the enterprise scope -- do people in the treatment;
Three is to create a good cultural atmosphere, and continuously strengthen the internal affinity, cohesion -- done keeping culture.
The three "stay" is the core of enterprise human resources management work location.
A selection, use the talent, insist on fairness, justice, openness, establish a scientific human resources management system, so that each one has the ability, enterprising people are their ability to play in the construction of Yongxin career ambition, self realization.
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